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"Tolstoy . . . the great Russian writer, told a story to a New York reporter at the turn of the 20th century that he had just come back from a remote area of the Caucasus. A group of wild barbarians who never left that part of Russia — they were so exited to have Tolstoy in their midst — they asked him to tell stories of the great men of history, so he said, 'I told them about Napoleon and Alexander and Julius Caesar,' and then the chief of the barbarians stood up and said, 'But wait, you haven't told us about the greatest ruler of them all. We want to hear about that man who spoke with the voice of thunder, who laughed like the sunrise, who came from that place called America that is so far from here that if a young man should travel there he would be an old man when he arrived. Tell us of that man, tell us of Abraham Lincoln.' Tolstoy was stunned that Lincoln's name had reached this corner, so he told them everything he could about Lincoln. And then the reporter said, 'So what made Lincoln so great after all?' And Tolstoy said, 'Well, he wasn't as great a general as Napoleon, not as great a statesman, perhaps, as Frederick the Great, but his greatness consisted in the moral integrity of his character.' And in the end that's what we should judge all our leaders by."

— Doris Kearns Goodwin, American biographer, historian, political commentator,
speaking on Amanpour on PBS, January 25, 2018

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