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Court Structure of Texas

Please click on the name of any court for further information about the judge qualifications and selection for that office.


State Highest Appellate Courts

Supreme Court
Civil Jurisdiction Only
(9 Justices)

Court of Criminal Appeals
Criminal Jurisdiction Only
(9 Judges)

Civil Appeals

Criminal Appeals


State Intermediate Appellate Courts

Court of Appeals
Intermediate Appellate Jurisdiction
(14 Courts)


State Trial Courts of General & Special Jurisdiction

District Courts
Trial Courts of General Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction
(some courts specialize by subject matter)


County Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

County Courts

Limited Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction
(1 in each county)

County Courts at Law

Limited Civil and/or
Criminal Jurisdiction

Statutory Probate Courts

Limited to Probate Matters


Local Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

Municipal Courts
Limited Criminal Jurisdiction

Justice of the Peace Courts
(Small Claims Courts)
Limited Civil & Criminal Jurisdiction

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Judicial Regions Map