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Election Results

March 1, 2022, Republican Primary
Unofficial Results

U.S. House District 23
This district has about 456,000 eligible voters according to the latest Census estimates available. Of this group, 1.6% are Asian, 3.9% are Black, 57.8% are Hispanic and 35.1% are white.
o Tony Gonzales37,13077.93%
o Alía Garcia3.2226.76%
o Alma Arredondo-Lynch7,29415.31%

The governor is the chief executive of Texas. The seat has not been held by a Republican since 1995, and Republican Greg Abbott is seeking a third term.
o Kandy Kaye Horn22,8661.21%
o Chad Prather72,5103.82%
o Allen West232,97312.28%
o Paul Belew10,8920.57%
o Paul Huffines224,90411.85%
o Rick Perry60,7533.20%
o Greg Abbott1,262,14866.52%
o Danny Harrison10,4210.55%

Lieutenant Governor
The lieutenant governor, the second-highest executive in the state, presides over the state Senate and heavily influences the state budget. Republican Dan Patrick is seeking a third term.
o Aaron Sorrells71,4003.96%
o Daniel Miller123,2036.83%
o Dan Patrick1,380,63276.50%
o Trayce Bradford118,1116.54%
o Zach Vance69,7913.87%
o Todd M. Bullis41,6752.31%

Attorney General
The attorney general is the top lawyer in Texas, representing the state in mostly civil litigation. Ken Paxton is seeking a third term, and his tenure has been clouded by a high-profile securities fraud indictment and FBI investigation into claims of malfeasance in office. He has attracted three primary foes who are well known in Texas politics.
o Ken Paxton797,41342.65%
o George P. Bush426,43322.81%
o Louie Gohmert319,27717.07%
o Eva Guzman326,73317.47%

Comptroller of Public Accounts
The comptroller is the state official responsible for collecting taxes, overseeing the state treasury and forecasting the amount of money that's available for the state's two-year budget. Glenn Hegar is running for a third term.
o Mark V. Goloby301,49018.32%
o Glenn Hegar1,344,39281.68%

Commissioner of the General Land Office
The land commissioner manages mineral rights for public lands in Texas and oversees the Alamo. The race is wide open as incumbent George P. Bush is running for attorney general.
o Jon Spiers198,29412.63%
o Dawn Buckingham656,30341.79%
o Tim Westley232,67414.82%
o Weston Martinez102,903 6.55%
o Don W. Minton167,01310.63%
o Victor Avila118,6507.56%
o Ben Armenta46,8262.98%
o Rufus Lopez47,8093.04%

Commissioner of Agriculture
The agriculture department supports farmers, regulates fuel pumps and administers school lunch programs. Sid Miller is seeking a third term.
o James White512,61731.06%
o Carey A. Counsil171,77910.41%
o Sid Miller965,82658.53%

Railroad Commissioner
In Texas, the Railroad Commission regulates the oil and gas industry. Members of the three-person board are elected statewide. One seat (currently held by Wayne Christian) is up for election in 2022.
o Dawayne Tipton182,86911.48%
o Sarah Stogner241,37715.15%
o Tom Slocum Jr.228,38414.34%
o Marvin "Sarge" Summers189,75711.91%
o Wayne Christian750,53147.12%

Supreme Court of Texas  Three of the nine seats on the Supreme Court are up for election in 2022. Justices are elected statewide, and Republicans currently hold all the seats.

Supreme Court of Texas Place 3 o Debra Lehrmann1,493,485100%

Supreme Court of Texas Place 5 o Rebeca Aizpuru Huddle1,476,927100%

Supreme Court of Texas Place 9 o David J. Schenck689,13745.22%
o Evan Young834,85054.78%

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals  The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the state's highest criminal court. The nine members are elected statewide and are currently all Republican. Three seats are up for election this year.

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2 o Mary Lou Keel1,444,196100%

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 5 o Scott Walker861,99656.85%
o Clint Morgan654,29843.15%

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 6 o Jesse F. McClure III1,432,068100%

State Board of Education District 1
This district has about 1,162,000 eligible voters according to the latest Census estimates available. Of this group, 1.4% are Asian, 3.4% are Black, 69.4% are Hispanic and 24.4% are white.
o Lani Popp22,68636.28%
o Michael "Travis" Stevens39,84863.72%

Texas Senate District 24
This district has about 637,000 eligible voters according to the latest Census estimates available. Of this group, 2.7% are Asian, 11.0% are Black, 21.1% are Hispanic and 62.1% are white.
o Raul Reyes27,06932.77%
o Pete Flores38,02446.03%
o Lamar Lewis17,50721.19%

Texas House District 53
This district has about 153,000 eligible voters according to the latest Census estimates available. Of this group, 0.3% are Asian, 1.9% are Black, 30.6% are Hispanic and 65.7% are white.
o Andrew S. Murr21,21863.35%
o Wesley Virdell12,27536.65%

Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 6 o Todd McCray129,211100%

Justice, 4th Court of Appeals District, Place 7
Unexpired Term
o Lori I. Valenzuela127,607100%

County Judge o Keith Lutz3,73056.46%
o Zygfred Moczygemba3074.65%
o Melodee Gruber2,56938.89%

County Court at Law o Mark Cashion5,860100%

District Clerk o Cindy Fowler5,825100%

County Clerk o Gina Campion5,768100%

County Treasurer o Debbie Southwell5,704100%

County Commissioner Pct 2 o Larry Sittre1,340100%

County Commissioner Pct 4 o Daniel Lawler1,22081.33%
o Steve Smith28018.67%

Justice of the Peace Pct 1 o Phillip M. Lange1,712100%

Justice of the Peace Pct 2 o Bill T. Tschirhart Jr1,438100%

Justice of the Peace Pct 3 o Clyde Bubba Howse83154.35%
o Andrea R. Pope69845.65%

Justice of the Peace Pct 4 o Tomas Tommy Ramirez III80752.03%
o Tommy Grimes36923.79%
o Stanley O. Hulse1258.06%
o Celeste Brown25016.12%

Republican Party County Chair o Welquis R. Lopez1,79929.38%
o Julie Clark4,32570.62%

Republican Primary Propositions

Proposition 1
In light of the federal government's refusal to defend the southern border, Texas should immediately deploy the National Guard, Texas Military Forces, and necessary state law enforcement to seal the border, enforce immigration laws, and deport illegal alieans. o Yes1,711,08392.22%
o No144,3817.78%

Proposition 2
Texas should eliminate all property taxes within ten (10) years without implementing a state income tax. o Yes1,369,37275.68%
o No440,11224.32%

Proposition 3
Texans should not lose their jobs, nor should students be penalized, for declining a COVID-19 vaccine. o Yes1,646,17488.55%
o No212,80611.45%

Proposition 4
Texas schools should teach students basic knowledge and American exceptionalism and reject Critical Race Theory and other curricula that promote Marxist doctrine and encourage division based on creed, race, or economic status. o Yes1,681,37691.11%
o No164,0328.89%

Proposition 5
Texas should enact a State Constitutional Amendment to defend the sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God, from fertilization until natural death. o Yes1,520,57883.34%
o No304,05316.66%

Proposition 6
The Republican-controlled Texas Legislature should end the practice of awarding committee chairmanships to Democrats. o Yes1,461,44081.25%
o No337.19618.75%

Proposition 7
Texas should protect the integrity of our elections by verifying that registered voters are American citizens, restoring felony penalties and enacting civil penalties for voter fraud, and fighting any federal takeover of state elections. o Yes1,779,77295.71%
o No79,8214.29%

Proposition 8
Texas should ban chemical castration, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation surgery on all minor children for sex transition purposes. o Yes1,708,08992.57%
o No137,0977.43%

Proposition 9
Texas parents and guardians should have the right to select schools, whether public or private, for their children, and the funding should follow the student. o Yes1,585,62487.52%
o No226,09312.48%

Proposition 10
Texans affirm that our freedoms come from God and that the government should have no control over the conscience of individuals. o Yes1,695,19592.56%
o No136.1777.44%

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