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Medina County Republican Party

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Medina County Republican Party

The modern Republican Party in Medina County was formed when 8 voters gathered to set up a Primary election so they could vote for Ronald Reagan. They were shocked when the 20 or so expected voters turned out to be 150, many driving over an hour to vote. The group realized that a second party was needed and wanted in Medina County and so it began.

In the early years, election judges and workers were threatened; they were yelled at and called names at the voting place and employers threatened to fire them if they worked the Republican primary. Voting places were pulled at the last minute, electricity was turned off at voting places, newspapers printed the wrong dates for the primary, and county workers interfered with the voting process. Republicans were barred from the Court House on election night, returns were not allowed to be posted on the Election Return Board on election night, Early Voting Clerks hid Republican ballots or argued with voters who asked for a Republican ballot. When the first Republican was elected in Medina County, he had to go to court and then compete in another election in order to serve (that elected official remained in office until December, 2010, and remains active in the local party).

There were not enough Republicans to hold more than 2 or 3 primary voting locations, but fair-minded Democrats and Independents who saw the value of competition in elections came forward and helped work the primary. Many eventually became strong supporters of the new party.

Prior to the 2010 Primary election, Republicans held 18 offices in Medina County. With the General Election in 2010, we added District Clerk and two County Commissioners bringing our total to 21 elected officials!

The party has grown from zero to 21 active, hard working precinct chairs who function together as a close knit team. We have a strong functioning Executive Committee that meets quarterly.

One of the endeavors we are most proud of sponsoring is our County-Wide Constitution Project, which provides copies of the Constitutions and study materials to all of the Medina County Public Schools. Additionally, we sponsor a booth and a float at the Medina County Fair and the Devine Festival; we host Candidate Forums and County Conventions. We have an extensive Get-out-the-Vote program as well as education brochures and programs for the community. Our biggest technological accomplishment was launched in August, 2007, our own website.

Our party continues to grow and attract votes and candidates through innovative ideas and hard work. We NEED AND WANT YOU TO JOIN US!